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11 Oct 2018

When building the perfect keyword strategy as part of your digital marketing mix, there are a few things to keep in mind so you do not flutter away your precious marketing budget. It is all about investing wisely and efficiently. And there are a few well known tricks t...

4 Oct 2018

We all have heard about influencers and how they can help promote your business to their followers in a more authentic way. But how do you find the 'perfect match' for you? How do you reach out to them? How much should you pay them? And importantly... what should the a...

20 Sep 2018

The big four – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Who uses them, what can they do for your business and are they in growth or decline?


Who uses Facebook?

The Facebook audience is so broad, that there really isn’t a true ‘Facebooker’ but a collection of men...

5 Sep 2018

What are the General Data Protection Regulations?

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) were introduced in May 2018, replacing the former directive, the Data Protection Act 1998. The DPA was established pre-social media and before online data became the valuabl...

5 Sep 2018

It goes without saying that before you put yourself 'out there' on LinkedIn, that you clean up and optimise your profile and you brush up on LinkedIn best practices and etiquette. Check out our helpful resources on both of these topics:

How to Create a Winning LinkedIn...

5 Sep 2018

You can have the best, most thought-out profile page and the most compelling and clicked on content, but if you do not conform to accepted LinkedIn etiquette, you could be wasting your time and damaging your professional credibility in the process. LinkedIn evangelist,...

5 Sep 2018

Maintaining a professional and search optimised profile is at the core of any successful LinkedIn account, whether you are selling yourself or selling a product/service via a dedicated company profile.

Melonie Dodaro, LinkedIn evangelist and Author of The LinkedIn Code,...